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Unity | Ben Ritchie

Ps. Ben speaks on the need for Unity within the Church to allow for us to expand our influence and inact our purpose.

Opening Doors to Freedom | Grace Donn

Grace Donn speaks on the Sunday Morning of our Women’s Conference Weekend, about how to overcome the obstacles that block us on our path to living in God’s plan for us.

Waiting Well | Danny Murphy

Ps. Danny follows on from last week’s message on Waiting, by looking at how we can Wait Well as we work towards answered prayers.

Where is God | Roger Blackmore

Visiting Speaker Roger Blackmore from Genesis Church in New York brings a message on how God is an ever constant in your life even if you aren’t aware of his presence.

We Can Do Better | Chris Luppino

Visiting Speaker Chris Luppino, from Chapel Baptist Church, brings a message routed in the need to reach more on mission.

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